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We undertake a wide variety of work ranging from individuals looking to present historical research into a small Welsh village through to an organisation selling AES 256 encryption products. Click on the laptop screen above to see some of the websites we've built.



A small village in South Wales (UK) near the River Severn. It has a rich history ranging from the Iron age, Roman times to a small present day village.


"The main aim is to produce an appealing, light-hearted review of Sudbrook through the ages rather than a dry academic document. It should entertain and allow people to reminisce about the history of the small village.

The site needs to present a wide range of text and graphics, whilst allowing the user to search for specific points of interest. It should also have database entries that are relevant to Sudbrook today.

The colour choices need to be sympathetic to the original source documents, that is 'evocative of sepia' and 'things past'. The site also requires a guestbook where people visiting can comment about their experiences of Sudbrook or make requests for future content."


The bulk of the website content was based on typical historical records in addition to sources such as postcards and original artwork. Given the visual nature of much of the content it was appropriate to use a split screen where images were available accompanied by supporting text.

A searchable database permits users to find records relating to specifc dates or keywords. Results are listed chronologically.

Each record also has thematic tags that increase related hits whilst searching. Additionally, there are a series of pre-loaded searches that users see in the form of a traditional horizontal menu and also a list of keywords at the bottom of each page. This feature permits users an easy starting point for learning about the history of Sudbrook.

Main Features

  • Searchable Database
  • Interactive Village Map
  • Thematically Grouped Keywords
  • Slideshow Option for Results
  • Guestbook

Technical Details

The site uses HTML, CSS and ASP to interrogate the database.

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